Our Process

Client Centered

Step 1: Identify and Prioritize Goals

We will work together to determine what your issues are and prioritize them in order to address them one-by-one. This initial step involves a lot of questions; the gathering of statements, insurance, and annuity contracts; and reviewing your tax returns, wills, and trusts.

Step 2: Custom Design Solutions/Options

You will receive a custom designed investment asset allocation to help you meet your risk tolerance and various investments will be considered to implement this design. If insurance is involved, we will shop among numerous carriers to provide you with the best value.

Step 3: Implement Agreed-Upon Solutions

Once all the facts are gathered and the various possible solutions considered, we will work to put the solutions into action. This step involves opening accounts, transferring money, applying for insurance coverage, and more. And we will walk through all of the paperwork with you.

Step 4: Monitor and Adjust as Necessary

Market and economic conditions change, the tax code changes and new products are introduced, thereby changing your personal situation. Over the years, we monitor these changes and suggest adjustments when warranted. While an annual review is always recommended, you must contact us when there are changes in your life.