Sudden Wealth

Client Centered

Whether it be an inheritance, the sale of a business, a legal settlement, or you are the lucky lottery winner, there comes a lot of responsibility with the money. We are here to help you with things such as:

  • Addressing the various income and potential estate tax issues, having a plan to minimize as much as possible the tax hit today and in the future, referring you to a local CPA to help with accurate tax return preparation.
  • If necessary, refer you to and coordinate with legal counsel related to various legal matters.
  • Prepare a responsible budget so that the money is not squandered and emotions don't overcome logic.
  • Proactively invest the money according to your risk tolerance and needs.
  • Investigate the benefits of life and/or long-term care insurance to protect the wealth you have received.

Together with your other advisors, we can help you develop a plan that could preserve this wealth for not only your lifetime but for generations to come.