Investment Management

We pay very close attention to risk when designing an asset allocation strategy. Included in our process is an assessment of your risk tolerance, which helps us begin to custom design an investment portfolio for you. Your portfolio is monitored to maintain balance and to suggest necessary adjustments based on changes in market conditions and tax laws.

Whether we work with you on a fee or commission basis, be assured that the fee will be fair and the commission will be discounted where possible. Your various investments (i.e., 401(k), CDs, and other holdings) will be coordinated to give you confidence and that material overlaps and holes will be avoided.

People ask us to manage their IRAs and 401(k) rollovers, their taxable accounts, as well as their college-savings 529 plans and other college-savings type accounts. We also work with endowments and foundations.

In the end, your goals will be identified, your risk tolerance determined, and a custom-designed portfolio will be implemented and monitored in accordance with those parameters.